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International Justice

Many criticisms of International Criminal Court have validity

Source: The Irish Times By Ray Murphy Congolese warlord Thomas Lubanga, who was convicted by the International Criminal Court for recruiting child soldiers. Photograph: Reuters  When the International Criminal Court (ICC) was established in 2002, […]

Friday 16 June 2017

Intersex, Outcast – The Limits of Gender at the International Criminal Court

Source: Justice in Conflict by Mark Kersten Laura Nacyte joins JiC for this post on the limited conceptualization of gender in the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. Laura is an MSc graduate of Global […]

Friday 16 June 2017

Culture of Impunity Must End for Justice to Prevail in Darfur, International Criminal Court Prosecutor Tells Security Council

Source: U.N Delegates Split on Handling of Sudan’s President, Other War Crimes Suspects The pervading toxic culture of impunity must be tackled in order for justice to prevail in Darfur, the International Criminal Court’s Prosecutor […]

Friday 16 June 2017

ICC Prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, publishes comprehensive Policy Paper on Case Selection and Prioritisation

Source: ICC The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (“ICC” or the “Court”), Fatou Bensouda, in 2016 , published a detailed policy document which provides guidance on how the Office of the Prosecutor exercises its […]

Friday 16 June 2017

ICC widens remit to include environmental destruction cases under existing crimes

Source: Eradicating Ecocide Guardian: In change of focus, Hague court will prosecute government and individuals for environmental crimes such as landgrabs. Environmental destruction and landgrabs could lead to governments and individuals being prosecuted for crimes […]

Friday 16 June 2017

Is The ICC’s Alleged Negative Bias Towards African Countries Undermining Its Legitimacy?

Source: The Critique By Professor Jovana Davidovic (University of Iowa)   September 13, 2016 This article is part of The Critique’s September/October 2016 Issue “The Bright Continent: Illuminating The Challenges, Opportunities & Promises Of A […]

Saturday 10 June 2017

Is the ICC biased against African countries ?

Source : Al Jazeera The International Criminal Court (ICC) was set up to prosecute war criminals and human rights violators, who proponents argue would otherwise go free. In recent months, however, African countries have threatened […]

Saturday 10 June 2017

The International Criminal Court’s Africa problem

Source: Al Jazeera At the beginning of 2013, all cases launched so far by the ICC involve Africans, throwing into question the court’s “international” nature. African political leaders widely believe that the the International Criminal […]

Saturday 10 June 2017

New issue of Armanshahr HR & Civil Society NEWSLETTER, Special Afghanistan, nos. 204-205 (Year VIII)

Read New issue of Armanshahr HR & Civil Society bilingual weekly NEWSLETTER, Special Afghanistan, nos. 204-205 (Year VIII), 7 JUNE 2017

Saturday 10 June 2017

ICTJ Examines How Transitional Justice Must Adapt to Difficult Circumstances in Today’s World

A new book by ICTJ titled Justice Mosaics: How Context Shapes Transitional Justice in Fractured Societies, examines the challenges of responding to massive human rights violations in different and difficult circumstances.

Friday 9 June 2017