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Citizens and Civil Society

From the ground up: A Preliminary Dialogue on the Nexus of Economic Policy, Gender and Violent Extremism

In 2016, the International Civil Society Action Network (ICAN) began exploring the nexus of economic policy, gender and extremism in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Center for Women’s Global Leadership […]

Thursday 26 October 2017

Armanshahr/OPEN ASIA Call for submission of works to the 5th Simorgh International Peace Prize

Call for submission of works to the 5th Simorgh International Peace Prize. This round the Prize follows the motto “My ideal city” and is concerned with poems, stories and drawings by children and adolescents of Afghanistan. Deadline 22 OCT 2017.

Monday 9 October 2017

Depoliticised and unsustainable: Why I Am Not a Feminist author argues that feminism has lost touch with its politically radical roots.

OPEN DEMOCRACY JANINE RICH From outraged memes online to slogan-bearing t-shirts on the streets, across the world more and more women are calling themselves feminists, and demanding change. But what would this change actually consist […]

Monday 21 August 2017

What Is ‘Femonationalism’?

Academic Sara Farris, author of In the name of women’s rights: the rise of femonationalism talks about the ‘instrumentalisation’ of migrant women in Europe by right-wing nationalists & neoliberals exploiting and mobilising issues of gender equality, particularly in campaigns against Muslims.

Thursday 20 July 2017

Reporters face 70 years in prison over anti-Trump march

Source: Aljazeera Newsby: Patrick Strickland@P_Strickland Reporters face 70 years in prison over anti-Trump march Two journalists are among more than 200 people facing felony charges after mass arrests at Inauguration Day rally. Even when heavily armed […]

Tuesday 20 June 2017

Nepalese women trafficked to Syria and forced to work as maids

Source: The Guardian By Pete Pattisson While millions are fleeing the brutal conflict in Syria, hundreds of Nepalese women are being trafficked to the war-torn country and forced to work as domestic maids. The women, who […]

Saturday 10 June 2017

The scars of 1967 through the eyes of an Arab millennial

Source: TRT World Young Ahmed is raised with his father’s scarring memories of the Six-Day War only to grow up and face his own socio-political trauma. Achment Gonim is of Egyptian descent, raised in Greece […]

Friday 9 June 2017

Women Excluded Again from Afghanistan’s Peace Talks

Participation by Women Even More Urgent in Light of Recent Attacks in Kabul

Friday 9 June 2017

INTERVIEW: ‘Act now,’ or by 2030, millions could be graduating from schools without even basic education, warns UN envoy

20 April 2017 – The ground-breaking, United Nations-backed International Finance Facility for Education is vital to ensure that half of the world’s children don’t miss out on the basic schooling needed to meet the 2030 […]

Saturday 3 June 2017

Missing: Political Creativity – Vox populi, vox dei

Source: TRANSCEND Media Service (TMS)/Solutions Oriented Peace Journalism By: Johan Galtung A key slogan during the student revolt in Paris May 1968, soon 50 years ago, was Imagination au pouvoir! Bring imagination to power! We […]

Thursday 1 June 2017