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Child and Youth

Afghan children are ‘rented’ out to beggars

By Kreshma Fakhri Begging on the street has spawned a vicious practice: beggar mafia are renting children in Kabul, and drugging them with opium to ply their trade. Afghan cities are seeing Pakistani beggars in […]

Tuesday 7 January 2014

118-119th Goftegu Public Debate, Armanshahr’s Celebration: 118 Goftegus and 100,000 published books – Report

Mr Rooholamin Amini (Deputy director of Armanshahr Foundation), moderator of Armanshahr’s 118th Goftegu public debate that was held on 3 July 2013, presented a report on the activities of Armanshahr in the past seven years as follows.

Saturday 17 August 2013

76th Goftegu Public Debate: Building the present and future of Children

Speakers: Ms. Fatana Ishaq Gailani (Founder and chairwoman of Afghanistan Women Council), M. Mohammad Sarwar Hosseini (Deputy-head of Literacy and Informal Training at the Ministry of Education), M. Mohammad Aslam Jawadi (Director of Sociology Department of Kateb University), Ms. Safa Mazari (Director of orphanages, Ministry of Labour and Social affairs)

Friday 9 August 2013