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Human Rights and Democracy

Virginity Test: Tajik Bride Takes Own Life, Groom Faces Jail

By: Farangis Najibullah  & Orzu Karim Source: RFERL Rajabbi Khurshed took a fatal dose of vinegar 40 days after her wedding to Zafar Pirov. Rajabbi Khurshed had no say in most of the misfortunes that […]

Wednesday 12 July 2017

Reporters face 70 years in prison over anti-Trump march

Source: Aljazeera Newsby: Patrick Strickland@P_Strickland Reporters face 70 years in prison over anti-Trump march Two journalists are among more than 200 people facing felony charges after mass arrests at Inauguration Day rally. Even when heavily armed […]

Tuesday 20 June 2017

If we did not protest, no one would punish those men”: A brutal murder, a sham trial, and justice denied in Kabul

After the killing of Farakhunda, women marched to the Afghan Supreme Court. Now, “We only feel secure in our homes” Elizabeth Schaeffer Brown and Jason Brooks Brown On March 19, 2015, 27-year-old female Islamic studies […]

Sunday 23 August 2015

Opening speech of Armanshahr Foundation’s Deputy Director Rooholamin Amini, Human Rights Week in Kabul, Afghanistan, December 2014

Humans were born from wisdom and, thanks to wisdom, they began dialogue and opened the gate to understanding. Wisdom has an origin in whose name I shall begin my words. On the occasion of the […]

Tuesday 9 December 2014

Tajikistan: Crackdown on opposition ahead of presidential elections

Umeddzhon Tojiev, an activist from one of Tajikistan’s major opposition parties allegedly threw himself out of the third floor window of a police station following interrogation. He had been arrested for ’insubordination to police officers’.

Wednesday 6 November 2013

Committee on Elimination of Discrimination against Women takes up situation in Cambodia, Tajikistan and Seychelles with NGOs

REPORT: from UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women The Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women this afternoon met with representatives of non-governmental organizations to hear information on the situation of women in […]

Tuesday 15 October 2013


The Uzbek government continues to force its citizens to work in cotton fields, in hazardous conditions and for no or negligible pay. Meanwhile, the Government has indicated no interest in ending the forced-labour production system.

Thursday 29 August 2013

Conference on Water Ends with ‘Empty Statements’ in Tajikistan

Global Voices Alexander Sodiqov An international conference on water cooperation ended in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, on August 21. More than 900 representatives from about 70 countries and organizations attended the conference. Yet the […]

Wednesday 28 August 2013

Central Asian Migrants Describe Beatings, Ill-Treatment In Russian Market ‘Zachistki’

By Daisy Sindelar, Umid Bobomatov, Torokul Doorov, Normahmad Kholov and Ganjina Ganjova Khusanjon, a 44-year-old labor migrant from Uzbekistan, was expecting a busy Sunday at the Khovansky construction market in southwest Moscow. Instead, he and […]

Wednesday 21 August 2013

Tajikistan receives Russia’s note in FACEBOOK

Written by Vasilina Brazhko The Times of Central Asia DUSHANBE (TCA) ¬– Russian diplomats found “forces ready to endanger the safety of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Dushanbe.” They have announced this due […]

Wednesday 21 August 2013