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Asma Jahangir, Fearless Pakistani Rights Activist, Dies at 66

Asma Jahangir, a leading Pakistani rights activist, fearless critic of the military’s interference in politics and a staunch defender of the rule of law, died on Sunday in Lahore. She was 66.

Wednesday، 14 February، 2018

Looking back at 2017 : Human Rights in comics!

Thursday، 8 February، 2018

Condemned to silence: the situation of women human rights defenders in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is well known for the severe limits it imposes on women’s rights – the legal status of the woman being inferior to that of the man – in all fields, even in the simplest acts of daily life.

Thursday، 8 February، 2018

I have witnessed two intifadas. Trump’s stance on Israel may ignite a third

The Guardian – The relish with which Donald Trump signed the declaration recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel left me with a sense of cold resignation at the obduracy of the man. He was almost […]

Monday، 11 December، 2017

Armanshahr/OPEN ASIA Human Rights and Civil society Newsletter No. 212-213

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Thursday، 7 December، 2017

The Muslim director who filmed neo-Nazis: ‘I thought – I’m not going to make it out’

Deeyah Khan had a simple question for her new documentary: ‘Is it possible for me to sit with my enemy and for them to sit with theirs’? She got an answer – but not without a few tricky moments …

Wednesday، 6 December، 2017

The key to change

Occasionally periods of social regression and progressive developments occur simultaneously. After all, among the many catastrophic reports emerging from the Arab world there are also a few glimmers of hope – for women.

Sunday، 3 December، 2017

Using religion to stop religious wars

Qantara – In Germany, refugees from Syria, Iraq and Yemen may end up living next door to compatriots who were on the other side in the civil war. How can those who have fled their homeland also […]

Sunday، 3 December، 2017

NEW VOICES FROM CENTRAL ASIA: Political, Economic, and Societal Challenges and Opportunities

The volume “New Voices from Central Asia: Political, Economic, and Societal Challenges and Opportunities” gives the floor to a young generation of experts and scholars from Central Asia and Azerbaijan.

Sunday، 29 October، 2017


In the twenty-five years since the collapse of the Soviet Union catapulted the Central Asian states into independence, knowledge of the Central Asian region has primarily been produced by US and European scholars…

Sunday، 29 October، 2017