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Montly Archive October 2014

Armanshahr/OPENASIA HR & Civil Society Newsletter – issue 92 year VII

Armanshahr/OPENASIA HR & Civil Society Newsletter – issue 92 year VII

Tuesday، 28 October، 2014

Old Recipe To Cook New ‘Iran’

The recipe for pushing Egyptians and Arabs toward extremism is simple and has been tasted for decades. Its ingredients are easy to prepare and digest; they are already pre-cooked and the kitchens of both Western mainstream media and foreign ministries are full of them.

Sunday، 26 October، 2014

France: Stop extradition of Kazakhstani opposition activist at risk of torture

Sunday، 26 October، 2014

How to Manage Foreign Relations

Public Lecture How to Manage Foreign Relations By: Professor William Maley Director of the Asia-Pacific College of Diplomacy at The Australian National University With Mahmoud Saikal as discussant   For any state, whether large or small, […]

Thursday، 23 October، 2014

Egyptian State Feminism on the Silver Screen: The Depiction of the “New Women” in Nasserist Films (1954-1967)

This thesis looks into the depiction of women in Egyptian films during the 1950s and 60s and argues that the Nasser regime created a set of policies within “state feminism” in order to alter the image of women in Egypt. Such policies included women’s free access to higher education in 1957 and their integration and increased numbers into the work force.

Wednesday، 22 October، 2014

Afghan girls’ school in Kandahar faces closure as international funds dry up

Class dismissed at Kandahar Institute of Modern Studies, a rare place of learning for girls, as military withdrawal affects civilian projects

Wednesday، 22 October، 2014


Nabeel Rajab has been demanding democratic reforms, social justice and human rights in Bahrain since the 1990s. He has been one of the most prominent voices denouncing human rights abuses perpetrated in the context of the popular uprising that started in March 2011.

Sunday، 19 October، 2014

Armanshahr/OPENASIA HR & Civil Society Newsletter – issue 91 year VII

Armanshahr/OPENASIA HR & Civil Society Newsletter – issue 91 year VII

Saturday، 18 October، 2014

Iran: further information: ex-political prisoner detained, risks torture

Friday، 17 October، 2014

Influences of Religious Fundamentalism on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of Women

The world is less than 500 days away from the targeted day to reach the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), eight goals and 18 targets set by the United Nations and governments to tackle some of the worst problems that have impeded developing nations.

Thursday، 16 October، 2014