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Montly Archive November 2014

Afghanistan: ‘spoilers’ in the regional security context

The ongoing international military withdrawal from Afghanistan has set the stage for energising the activities of Afghanistan’s external stakeholders to re-evaluate their activities. The possible return of the Taliban in some form could compel Afghanistan’s current external partners—Iran, India and Russia—to turn into limited spoilers.

Saturday، 29 November، 2014

Armanshahr/OPENASIA HR & Civil Society Newsletter – issue 95 year VII

Armanshahr/OPENASIA HR & Civil Society Newsletter – issue 95 year VII

Saturday، 29 November، 2014

‘To Kill a Sparrow’ – VIDEO

Nine years before an Afghan girl named Soheila was born, her half brother Aminullah eloped with a woman who had been betrothed to his cousin, an event that led to years of violent feuding between two sides of their family in Nuristan.

Saturday، 29 November، 2014

OXFAM Report – Behind Closed Doors: The risk of denying women a voice in determining Afghanistan’s future

Women’s rights have been held up as one of the most tangible gains of the international intervention in Afghanistan. Yet, despite 13 years of promises from the international community that women’s rights are a high priority, these gains remain fragile and are at an increasing risk of erosion.

Wednesday، 26 November، 2014

The Afghan civil society Forum organization Press Releases About the recent suicide attack in Paktika Province

Just in one incident more than 100 people lost their lives, this is the impact of many of atrocities that we witness every day

Tuesday، 25 November، 2014

Launch of World Library of Science: a Free Online Science Education Resource

The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has launched the UNESCO World Library of Science (WLoS), a newly created, free online science education resource for a global community of users.

Thursday، 20 November، 2014

Losing Hope in Iran and Egypt

Source: MERIP The decision to leave your country, especially when you leave for political or ideological reasons, can be gut-wrenching. My parents made that decision for me when they left Iran in my early adolescence. […]

Thursday، 20 November، 2014

FIDH concerned about ICC Registrar’s reform

In a letter addressed to the International Criminal Court (ICC) Registrar, FIDH expresses its concerns regarding the consequences that the Registrar’s reform project (ReVision project) could have on the victims’ participation and legal representation in ICC proceedings.

Thursday، 20 November، 2014

The World at a Crossroads: Women have the solutions – press release

We, sixty women representing thirteen countries spanning the Middle East, North Africa and Asia, together with our colleagues from Europe and North America, gathered together in Turkey at the Third Annual Forum on Women’s Rights, Peace and Security have one word to share with the world: Enough.

Thursday، 20 November، 2014

Iran: Equality and religious freedom in Iran

Wednesday، 19 November، 2014