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Montly Archive March 2016

We clench our fists on International Women’s Day and chant the song of peace and equality

Once more 8 March has arrived, but we cannot celebrate equality yet. We celebrate 8 March every year to commemorate centuries-long struggles of women to achieve peace and equality and to remind all actors who mark the contemporary events: Inequality is still reigning in the most “equal” lands on the earth; women are still regarded as second-class citizens in the 21st century. At the heart of Asia, we have our eyes on the women of our region, whose freedoms and rights are still stoned every day and burned in flames of war, under pressures from political and ideological extremism, violence of politicians and discriminatory laws. Nevertheless, they do not step back from their struggle.

Tuesday، 8 March، 2016

The UN calls on Uzbekistan to address a long list of women’s rights violations

FIDH Paris-Geneva – The United Nations has taken an important stand for women’s rights in Uzbekistan, consider FIDH and its member organisation “Fiery Hearts Club”. The UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women […]

Monday، 7 March، 2016

Honduras: Murder of the prominent human rights defender Berta Cáceres

FIDH Paris-Geneva, March 3, 2016 – The Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights, a joint FIDH-OMCT program, strongly condemns the murder of Ms Berta Cáceres, Leader of the Lenca indigenous community. This murder demonstrates […]

Monday، 7 March، 2016

OXFAM: A place at the table Safeguarding women‟s rights in Afghanistan

OXFAM Briefing Paper ‘Women want peace but not at the cost of losing our freedom again.’ Noorjahan Akbar, co-founder of Young Women for Change Women in Afghanistan have achieved real progress in areas such as political […]

Friday، 4 March، 2016

I Am A Feminist, So I Will Not Be Voting for Hillary

Friday، 4 March، 2016

We are only halfway to understanding women’s ‘agency’

Infochange India Feminism’s deepest belief is that women’s voices must come to the fore, but when they do, we find these voices often scuttle our assumptions about what should be the right/legitimate form of ‘agency’. […]

Friday، 4 March، 2016

Afghanistan: Forced Gynecological Exams As Sexual Harassment and Human Rights Violation

Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) READ AND DOWNLOAD FULL REPORT HERE Most of the women accused of the crimes, defined by the judicial and justice organs as moral crimes undergo medical tests. They are […]

Friday، 4 March، 2016

Sexual Assault in the Name of Science in Afghanistan

HRW Heather Barr/ Senior Researcher, Women’s Rights Division Each year, dozens or even hundreds of women and girls in Afghanistan are subjected to invasive, humiliating, and sometimes painful vaginal and rectal exams in the name of […]

Friday، 4 March، 2016