engThe Secretariat of the 2nd International Women’s Film Festival – Herat calls on new or established filmmakers from anywhere in the world to participate . There are no restrictions on length or genre. To qualify, productions must feature an aspect of women’s lives and the issues they are confronted with. The one-week Festival in March 2014, marking the International Women’s Day will take place in Herat-Afghanistan. All films should have reached the Secretariat by 25 January 2014.

The 2nd Festival is a competition event and the winners will receive the Festival’s award and a cash reward. A jury comprising domestic and international filmmakers and critics shall judge the films.

The International Women’s Film Festival – Herat was founded by Armanshahr Foundation and Roya Film House in March 2013. The 1st Festival, the only women’s International film festival in the Asian sub-region, was held in the ancient Alexander’s Citadel of Herat,  attracting more than 100 films from leading filmmakers from 20 countries. More than 2,000 people watched the films.

In the three-day 1st Festival, beside the films screened, experienced domestic and international masters led two workshops for cinema and TV professionals. Side events such as local music concerts, poetry reading nights and visits to the ancient sights of Herat were also organised.

The FIDH (International Federation for Human Rights), United Nations Assistance Mission of Afghanistan (UNAMA), Asia Women’s Film Festival (Delhi, India), International Association of Women in Radio and Television India ( IAWRT), International Film Festival DIDOR (Tajikistan), Short Film News (Iran), Tolo (media group), 8 Sobh (Afghan national newspaper), Culture and Civil Society Foundation, Cooperation Center for Afghanistan, were our principal partners in the 1st Festival. More than 40 other domestic and international organisations supported it. Beside the independent cultural activists, official institutions, e.g. Ministry of Information and Culture, Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, Provincial Council and Herat’s Provincial Government Office also collaborated with the Festival. The Festival was supported by Seddiq Barmak the Golden Globe and UNESCO’s Fellini Medal laureate.

Conditions for participation

  1. The deadline for sending the films to the Festival Secretariat is 25 January 2014.
  2. All genres, feature, documentary and short films and animations may take part in the competition.
  3. Submitted films should either address women’s issues or their directors should be women.
  4. Participants may send in their films directly by email or by sending their URL to the Secretariat.
  5. Participants are required to fill in the enclosed form in full and send it with their films to the Secretariat.
  6. Enclose one photograph from the film’s director and a few posters in JPEG format as well as clips.
  7. If you plan to send the films through the Internet, you can use  https://www.wetransfer.com (for files less than 2 GB).

To Contact us:

Email: womenfilmfestival.herat@gmail.com

Address: Roya Film House, 1st Alley of Dehmazang/Tappeh Salam,

Opposite Mohammadieh Mosque, Kabul, Afghanistan.

Tel.: International +33662153297 

Afghanistan: +93700427244/ +93798106275

Website: http://afghanistanintwomenfilmfestival.com


Kindly fill in this form (or download attached form):

Director: Name, Surname  
Short biography  


Film title  
Type of film  
Technical specifications of the film and the crew  
Year of make & country  
Original language of the film  
Are there any subtitles? In which language?  
Has the film been dubbed in another language? Which?  
Is the film available on the Internet? Please provide URL.  
A short prognosis of the film