The ICC Prosecutor has sought authorisation from the ICC Pre-Trial judges to open an investigation into crimes against humanity and war crimes committed by all parties in Afghanistan.

THE PRESIDENCY of the International Criminal Court (“Court”) notes the memorandum of 30 October 2017, annexed hereto, from the Prosecutor pursuant to regulation 45 of the Regulations of the Court (“Regulations”), informing that the Prosecutor intends to submit a request to a Pre-Trial Chamber for authorisation to open an investigation into the situation in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, under article 15(3) of the Rome Statute.

The Presidency recalls regulation 46(2) of the Regulations, pursuant to which the Presidency shall assign a situation to a Pre-Trial Chamber as soon as the Prosecutor has informed the Presidency in accordance with regulation 45. The Presidency notes the composition of the Pre-Trial Division as well as the composition of its Chambers. The Presidency also notes the current overall workload of Chambers in the Pre-Trial and Trial Divisions, as well as the individual workload of the judges serving in both Divisions. The Presidency further notes the respective assignments, qualifications and experience of the judges.
Accordingly, the Presidency hereby decides to assign, with immediate effect, the situation in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to Pre-Trial Chamber III, with the following composition:
Judge Antoine Kesia-Mbe Mindua
Judge Chang-ho Chung
Judge Raul C. Pangalangan

Download the full ICC Prosecutor’s request here: International Criminal Court