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Existentially naked

Qantara The campaign of ethnic cleansing now being carried out against Myanmar′s Rohingya confronts the world with one of those moments that seem to arrive unannounced. Surely, by now, we should be able to recognise […]

Monday، 9 October، 2017

Peaceful Societies – Where Are They?

Human Wrongs Watch By Johan Galtung* 3 July 2017 – TRANSCEND Media Service – There are many of them–of different kinds–in world geography.  We can try to identify the characteristics of their peacefulness. Johan Galtung Or we […]

Thursday، 20 July، 2017

Truth or Delusion?

Source : Human Wrongs Watch This makes it extraordinarily difficult for accurate information, including vital information about the endangered state of our world and how to respond appropriately, to penetrate the typical human mind. ‘Phenomenal […]

Friday، 16 June، 2017

Reflections on Violence

These reflections were provoked by the events and debates of the last few years, as seen against the background of the twentieth century. Indeed this century has become, as Lenin predicted, a century of wars and revolutions, hence a century of that violence which is currently believed to be their common denominator

Wednesday، 15 October، 2014