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Armanshahr Newsletter No. 209-210

New edition of Armanshahr/OPEN ASIA Human Rights and Civil society Newsletter No. 209-210

Thursday، 2 November، 2017

Iran Heritage Foundation’s programme of grants for the year 2018 session is now open

Iran Heritage Foundation Applications are accepted for both categories of Academic and Contemporary Arts Deadline for receipt of applications is October 31, 2017 Statement of Aims The Iran Heritage Foundation is a non-political UK-registered charity […]

Thursday، 14 September، 2017

Iranian women spark debate by defying hijab rule in cars

Source: The Guardian By: Saeed Kamali Dehghan Iran correspondent Judiciary and police insist a car interior is public space but more women are defying authorities by driving with ‘bad hijab’ A growing number of women […]

Wednesday، 12 July، 2017

Losing an Enemy – Obama, Iran and the Triumph of Diplomacy

“Losing an Enemy is a riveting account of the diplomacy behind Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, an issue that will continue to be at the forefront of American foreign policy as we enter the Trump era.” —Francis Fukuyama

Tuesday، 20 June، 2017

New issue of Armanshahr HR & Civil Society NEWSLETTER, Special Afghanistan, nos. 204-205 (Year VIII)

Read New issue of Armanshahr HR & Civil Society bilingual weekly NEWSLETTER, Special Afghanistan, nos. 204-205 (Year VIII), 7 JUNE 2017

Saturday، 10 June، 2017

IRAN: Briefing Note on the Repression of Trade Unionists

Repression and harassment of trade unionists and workers in Iran is part of a systematic denial of the most basic rights of workers , who are subjected to discriminatory and politically motivated laws and a judicial system that is set to silence independent labour movements and other dissidents.

Tuesday، 23 May، 2017

Q&A: Iran’s presidential election 2017

  Source : FIDH, WORLDWIDE MOVEMENT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS Since its establishment in 1979, the Islamic Republic of Iran has regularly organised parliamentary and presidential elections, but these polls have regularly failed to meet international standards […]

Tuesday، 23 May، 2017

Rouhani Wins Re-election in Iran by a Wide Margin

Source : New York Times President Hassan Rouhani of Iran on May 13. With most of the votes from Friday’s election counted, the Interior Ministry said Mr. Rouhani had won 22.8 million. Credi tEbrahim Noroozi/Associated […]

Tuesday، 23 May، 2017

Guissou Jahangiri: La participation politique des femmes iraniennes au pouvoir, un chemin semé d’embuches

Guissou Jahangiri: Les élections présidentielles ainsi que celles des Conseils islamiques des villes et des villages auront lieu simultanément le 19 mai prochain en Iran. Ce sera la douzième fois que l’on élit un président, et la cinquième édition des élections des Conseils, 38 ans après la révolution dite islamique.

Wednesday، 8 March، 2017

Inside the Women’s Ward: Mistreatment of Women Political Prisoners at Iran’s Evin Prison

Political prisoners held in the Women’s Ward at Iran’s Evin Prison are routinely denied medical care and hospitalization, face severely restricted or denied visitation rights even with their young children, are deprived of regular telephone contact with their families, and are not provided adequate nutrition, according to a report released today by the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran.

Monday، 6 March، 2017