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Montly Archive February 2014

Shakila Ibrahimkhalil: “We have fought too hard for our freedoms to lose them again”

Shakila Ibrahimkhalil is an Afghan journalist. During the time of the Taliban, she was forced to withdraw from her journalism studies and get married. Four years later, she suffered the loss of her husband.

Friday، 28 February، 2014

Armanshahr Human Rights & Civil Society newsletter – issue 58 year VI

Armanshahr Human Rights & Civil Society newsletter – issue 58 year VI

Thursday، 27 February، 2014

Dr Daud Shah Saba: “The Afghan economy is a man’s economy”

Dr Daud Shah Saba was the Governor of Herat from 2010 to 2013. He resigned in July 2013, citing rampant corruption and the failure of the central government to bring about promised reforms.

Wednesday، 26 February، 2014

The End of the Death Penalty

Wednesday، 26 February، 2014

Khadija Ghaznawi: ”The key to peace lies within Afghanistan, not outside”

Khadija Ghaznawi was the only woman who presented as a candidate for the 2014 presidential elections. She was disqualified from running by the Independent Election Commission.

Wednesday، 26 February، 2014

Afghan women: No turning back

The women of Afghanistan have come a long way in the past 12 years. The post-Talban Afghan Constitution assures them equal rights and freedoms, access to education, healthcare, employment opportunities, political and social activities.

Tuesday، 25 February، 2014

Mohieddin Mahdi: “You do not have the right to breathe the air of this country”

Mohieddin Mahdi is a well-known politician, and a Member of Parliament. He was a member of the Northern Alliance in the 1980s and later the Deputy Ambassador of Afghanistan to Tajikistan.

Tuesday، 25 February، 2014

Repairing the Past? Series on Transitional Justice

Countries emerging from long periods of authoritarian rule must often confront a legacy of gross human rights abuses perpetrated over many years.

Monday، 24 February، 2014

Maria Bashir: “He threw my documents back in my face, and shouted: ‘Go and stay at home!’”

Maria Bashir is the Chief Prosecutor General of Herat province. She was the first woman to be appointed Chief Prosecutor in Afghanistan, and is the only woman serving as Chief Prosecutor in any of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces.

Monday، 24 February، 2014

Security Council Report: a Cross-Cutting Report on Children and Armed Conflict

This is Security Council Report’s sixth Cross-Cutting Report on Children and Armed Conflict, continuing a series that began with the publication of our first report on the subject in 2008.

Saturday، 22 February، 2014