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Celebrating International Day of the Girl Child, from India to Uganda

Women’s News                           I was interviewing and photographing a group of activist girls in Kampala, Uganda. Many were daughters of sex workers, all […]

Thursday، 12 October، 2017

Peaceful Societies – Where Are They?

Human Wrongs Watch By Johan Galtung* 3 July 2017 – TRANSCEND Media Service – There are many of them–of different kinds–in world geography.  We can try to identify the characteristics of their peacefulness. Johan Galtung Or we […]

Thursday، 20 July، 2017

Missing: Political Creativity – Vox populi, vox dei

Source: TRANSCEND Media Service (TMS)/Solutions Oriented Peace Journalism By: Johan Galtung A key slogan during the student revolt in Paris May 1968, soon 50 years ago, was Imagination au pouvoir! Bring imagination to power! We […]

Thursday، 1 June، 2017

Young Iraqis bridging the sectarian divide

Islamic State militants play on sectarian division as they tear Iraq apart, but a group of young Iraqi “citizen ambassadors” is trying to mend the damage by promoting a message of tolerance and peace.

Thursday، 16 April، 2015

121st Goftegu Public Debate: Who are the protectors of sustainable peace? – Report & Photo Gallery

121st Goftegu Public Debate: Who are the protectors of sustainable peace? – Report & Photo Gallery

Friday، 20 September، 2013

121st Goftegu Public Debate (year VII): Who are protectors of a sustainable peace? – Invitation

Celebrating International Peace Day! Who are protectors of a sustainable peace? Nessar Bahawi (Second title, World Taekwondo Champion), Roya Sadat (President Roya Film House), Homeira Saqeb (Editor Negah-e Zan). Film premier: “Opium War” Seddiq Barmak Golden Globe Awardee

Monday، 16 September، 2013

70th Goftegu Public Debate: Women, Peace and Cinema

On the occasion of International Women’s Day Armanshahr Foundation, Roya Film House in collaboration with the French Institute of Afghanistan and Kaboora Production are pleased to invite you to the 70th (year V) public event GOFTEGU

Wednesday، 7 August، 2013

UN Security Council report: Women, Peace and Security

Source: Security Council report THEMATIC ISSUES Women, Peace and Security Expected Council Action With the UK holding the presidency of the Security Council in June, Foreign Secretary William Hague will preside over a ministerial-level open […]

Saturday، 22 June، 2013