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Armanshahr Human Rights & Civil Society newsletter – issue 80 year VI Latin American Truth Commissions: Confronting the Past – A comparative assessment of truth and reconciliation commissions in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala and Peru Amnesty International CAMPAIGN: Show your support for Afghan women workers at risk STATEMENT Afghan Women’s Network: Where Are the Women?


  • Journal

    Armanshahr Human Rights & Civil Society newsletter – issue 80 year VI

  • International Women’s Network

    This page offers links to various sources of information on women's issues. They are both government and non-government sources in several languages and have been compiled on an impartial basis.

  • Politis Asia Journal

    EU HR Guidelines published or the first time in Persian. Including Death Penalty; Torture, HR dialogues with third countries; Children & armed conflict; HR Defenders; Protection of the Rights of the Child; VAW, International Humanitarian Law.

  • Books

    In Afghanistan, the third Great Game is still on. The end of US–NATO combat operations in Afghanistan by the end of 2014 will be read by many as ‘Obama’s Vietnam’, but the retention of a small number of troops and several military facilities by the US in that country will be a source of worry.

  • Conferences and Seminars

    On 3rd February 2014, the 133rd public Dialogue/GOFTEGU of Armanshahr/OPEN ASIA was held at the French Institute of Afghanistan (IFA) in Kabul.

  • Women

    Afghan Women’s Network, its 117 member organizations and more than 3000 members has had visible contribution and accomplishments in awareness, mobilization and political participation of women during the last three election terms, Loya Jirga’s, Consultation Jirga’s.