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Women, Peace, and Security in Afghanistan politicisation of high school students in Afghanistan Research for a Better Afghanistan: High School Activism in Afghanistan Civilians Trapped in Kunduz ConflictNeed Urgent Protection


  • Journal

    NEW ISSUE Armanshahr HR & Civil Society NEWSLETTER No.142

  • International Women’s Network

    This page offers links to various sources of information on women's issues. They are both government and non-government sources in several languages and have been compiled on an impartial basis.

  • Politis Asia Journal

    This special issue of Politis asia includes nine original articles and interviews from specialists from Afghanistan, Iran and Tajikistan discussing the isssues of cultural identity and nation-building.

  • Books

    Bengali classic ‘Deshe Bideshe’, which chronicles Afghan history and politics, translated into English. Written by Syed Mujtaba Ali in 1948, ‘Desh Bideshe’ is the only published eyewitness account of that tumultuous period by a non-Afghan.

  • Conferences and Seminars

    One of the components of the democratic societies is the establishment of a public domain, where individuals enter an unconditionally free discussion over public interests.

  • Women

    Detailed Brochure of the Festival