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How to Manage Foreign Relations Egyptian State Feminism on the Silver Screen: The Depiction of the “New Women” in Nasserist Films (1954-1967) Afghan girls’ school in Kandahar faces closure as international funds dry up NABEEL RAJAB, BEHIND BARS, AGAIN


  • Journal

    Armanshahr/OPENASIA HR & Civil Society Newsletter, no.91

  • International Women’s Network

    This page offers links to various sources of information on women's issues. They are both government and non-government sources in several languages and have been compiled on an impartial basis.

  • Politis Asia Journal

    EU HR Guidelines published or the first time in Persian. Including Death Penalty; Torture, HR dialogues with third countries; Children & armed conflict; HR Defenders; Protection of the Rights of the Child; VAW, International Humanitarian Law.

  • Books

    With the time frame around the transition of Allied military and security operations to the Government of Afghanistan looking more and more uncertain, difficult questions persist; Have the Allied Forces achieved what they set out to do and what legacy will they leave?

  • Conferences and Seminars

    136th Goftegu Public Debate: History recorded – Afghanistan through Steve McCurry’s lenses – Invitation

  • Women

    Class dismissed at Kandahar Institute of Modern Studies, a rare place of learning for girls, as military withdrawal affects civilian projects